QPC has long manufactured hot oil and hot water type die and mold temperature control units (also know as hot water, hot oil heaters or heated oil process control units). Commonly available are single zone and dual zone QPC units in and including 6 kw, 12 kw, 24 kw and 36 kw per zone. These units are also commonly used as process boiler applications units outside the die casting industry.

ID # Brand Status Description
1193 QPC Sold QPC - 12 Dual (two) Zone Portable Hot Oil Process Heater Temperature Control Unit, Controls
1206 QPC/Marley Sold 180 ton evaporative process water cooling tower
1289 QPC Sold /Prince dual zone hot oil type mold temperature controller
2063 QPC Sold 24 KW, single Zone Die Temperature Control Unit
2064 QPC Sold 24 KW, dual Zone Die Temperature Control Unit
3042 QPC Sold 9 KW, single Zone Die Temperature Control Unit

Die Cast Machinery, LLC is a dealer that specializes in second hand QPC temperature control units; we buy and sell QPC hot oil and hot water units daily. We commonly stock and can supply QPC temperature control units, both hot oil and hot water units in the following sizes: 6 kw, 9 kw, 12 kw, 18 kw, 24 kw, 36 kw and 48 kw. All of these sizes are available in single, dual and three zone configurations. QPC hot oil and hot water temperature control units are commonly used in injection molded plastics, extruded plastics, extrusion, blow molding, plastic film, foundry and die casting applications for preheating and maintaining correct tooling temperature; they are extensively used by die casters to maintain die temperatures. They are also used in process industries including food processing, chemical, petroleum and pharmaceutical industries. Common options and features available on temperature control units include single zone, dual zone and three zone configurations; auxiliary cooling circuits using a process water cooled heat exchanger, drain valves, hour meters, visual and audio fault alarms, low level alarm, auto-venting sequences, pressure switch for low pump pressure, process pressure gauges and reversing pumps. Voltage options include: 200, 208, 230 volt, 380, 415, 440, 460, 480 volt and 575 volt (600 volt) three phase primary power in either 50 hertz or 60 hertz. Example: Prince QPC Die Temperature Control Unit Description: One used (second hand) Prince/QPC 24KW single zone, hot oil type die temperature control unit, model HO-1210X-24, serial number 309934. DCM 2063 Click on any image for a larger view 24 KW, single Zone Die Temperature Control Unit used 1, Used, QPC, Hot Oil Heaters, Hot Oil Units 24 KW, single Zone Die Temperature Control Unit used 1, For Sale, Single Zone, Dual Zone 24 KW, single Zone Die Temperature Control Unit used 1, 12 KW, 18 KW, 24 KW, 36 KW